Fubifixe updates


The 100 fork and rear part of frame was sent from factory about 1 week ago. And will reatch us in mid August.

Here is the production model for the latest fubi fixie and the one we will start to produce once we get all the frame parts. We have added a quick release instead of the old screw handle.

And a lot of small adjustments which is not visible here on the pictures.

The final frames will only come in white and black. We wanted to test how this blue would look like.




Thank you for your support!


Fubi fixie made in Finland

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fubifixie bike

New version of FUBi and production

Hey everyone!

This is the first public update here in a long time. Here are our latest model almost ready for production just a few tweaks and frame testing left.

What is new?

-Disc brake front
-Open able chain stay for belt drive.
-New frame design

Taking in more orders

Since we are getting close to production we will take in more orders soon.

Good news

The good news is that we very close to production only a few corrections and frame tested, before we can start the production. At the moment we do not have a precise deadline, but we will write it here as soon as we know.

Comments on parts and the bike?

Disc brake and black rims

IMG_8689jpg IMG_8683jpg

Caliber brakes and silver rims

IMG_8721jpg IMG_8727jpg



Folded handlebar of


On the road



IMG_8702jpg IMG_8696jpg IMG_8695jpg IMG_8694jpg IMG_8692jpg IMG_8691jpg IMG_8690jpg

Thank you for your support and have a great day!

PS. We think the bike look more cool now with the new frame, black rims and disc brake. What do you think?


New frames


Here is the new frames that were painted last week. We have tried some different geometry in these frames just to see how it will works. But on the production model we will have the same as the white and the first “black” we showed.

We also painted one frame red just to see how it will look like, the other black is a special mat black that looks really cool!

Suggestions on the color of the parts? We think on the red one would be better with black or silver chain and maybe a black saddle to.

On the black frame: black or red chain and the cranks maybe black too.

fubifixie-frame-black fubifixie-frame-red fubifixie-black



The new folding fubifixie

The newest version of FUBi fixie!

















Alot has happen since the last update of the bike. Mostly design improvements but also some new features. Like the docking mechanism.

The docking mechanism is super cool new feature that lets the bike stay together folded. It allows you to dock the wheels tougher “just by turning the handle bar” It has a spring locked mechanism that secure it to stay locked. When ever you want to unlock the docking you just turn the handle bar or roll the bike and push the front brake, when pushing the front brake it will automatically release the docking and unfolding goes almost out of it self. (Just like shown in the video)


Testing new parts

As you can see we have some new parts that we are testing. Most of the parts are set.
Parts we are still evaluation is:

All the rest of the parts choosen.

The new prototypes

We are still in the making of the newest production prototypes that we got from the sample parts. We have changed the front fork to a more slimmer one. more pictures will come of the new frames in 1-2 weeks. Please note that this bike show in the pictures was a redesign from the old frame used in the campaign while waiting for the new sample parts.

The new production prototypes that will come out in 1-2 weeks will have threaded front fork as mentioned before. Please comment what you think of the new bike!

/Fubi team


New website with e-shop

We have updated the site both visually and with a new e-shop. Let us hear what you think.


The Interlock parts has arrived

Just a very short update the interlock has arrived today for those who choose them on their bikes.


FUBi fixie ready for production!

We are very excited to show the newest version of FUBi fixie!
And we hope you are too!!

Here are some nice pics from the Finnish nature and the new bike.




The production steps

Next step is to order sample parts, test them out and when everything is ready we will make the full order. While waiting for the orders we will make the final adjustments, testing and welding jigs.

Changes and ongoing work

We have been working really hard with the development of FUBi fixie. We can now safely say we are about finished with that phase. We only have a few small things to change for the better.

We have also been in contact with some bike manufacturers to help us out with ordering the parts. We decided that the most of the frame modifications will be made in our own workshop to guarantee the best quality. We have made changes to make the bike better, but also changes so that it will be easier to produce but most importantly we have made the folding easier.

Here are some the  changes we made:

-New fasteners for the pivots

-Steadier and better functioning frame lock system

-Better diagonal stay mounts.

– Longer chainstay  (will not affect the folding size)

-We changed to conventional headset in to allow for a folding handlebar (upcoming update on the folding handlebar)

-Easier and better working folding system, so that the bike stays better together when folded.

-Quick release for the saddle.


We painted the bike a blue-black color just to see how it would look, but the final products will be a dark black for those who didn’t choose the white one.

Ps. The front fork will be same as in the original white FUBifixie, not the curved one as in the picture.

Let us hear what you think!


/FUBi team


Kickstarter campaign almost ready


We been working really hard lately to finish the Kickstarter campaign. There is still some changes to that has to be made, but the overall campaign is ready!

Here is the preview link to the campaign, feel free to ask questions and add comments.