52cm bike frame geometry

Final geometry & production update

Hey everyone,

It been a long time since the last update, and we apologize for that. We now have everything setup to make all the orders to produce the bikes and frames.
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Fubifixe updates


The 100 fork and rear part of frame was sent from factory about 1 week ago. And will reach us in mid August.
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Fubi fixie made in Finland

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fubifixie bike

New version of FUBi and production

Hey everyone!

This is the first public update here in a long time. Here are our latest model almost ready for production just a few tweaks and frame testing left.

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New frames


Here is the new frames that were painted last week. We have tried some different geometry in these frames just to see how it will works. But on the production model we will have the same as the white and the first “black” we showed.

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The new folding fubifixie

The newest version of FUBi fixie!

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New website with e-shop

We have updated the site both visually and with a new e-shop. Let us hear what you think.


The Interlock parts has arrived

Just a very short update the interlock has arrived today for those who choose them on their bikes.


FUBi fixie ready for production!

We are very excited to show the newest version of FUBi fixie!
And we hope you are too!!

Here are some nice pics from the Finnish nature and the new bike.

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Kickstarter campaign almost ready


We been working really hard lately to finish the Kickstarter campaign. There is still some changes to that has to be made, but the overall campaign is ready!

Here is the preview link to the campaign, feel free to ask questions and add comments.