Fubi fixie made in Finland

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New frames


Here is the new frames that were painted last week. We have tried some different geometry in these frames just to see how it will works. But on the production model we will have the same as the white and the first “black” we showed.

We also painted one frame red just to see how it will look like, the other black is a special mat black that looks really cool!

Suggestions on the color of the parts? We think on the red one would be better with black or silver chain and maybe a black saddle to.

On the black frame: black or red chain and the cranks maybe black too.

fubifixie-frame-black fubifixie-frame-red fubifixie-black



Folding and track testing

The winter has arrived here in Finland. We went to the track inside to test the bike among road bikes to see hove well it performs. Considering it is a folding bike it performed quite well. We tested to use both the fixie gear side and single-speed. The single-speed side had a too low gear ratio which meant I had to pedal like crazy to get the to follow with the others. The fixed gear ratio was about right.

I was able to keep the same speed as the road bikes for many laps but didn’t necessarily have the same “fitness” as road biking people. Anyway, hope you guys got the impression how good this folding bike actually performs when riding.