Frames ready!!
2019-10-02 19.30.44

Hey everyone,

This week we finally finished the production of the last model (52cm).

We will send the last (200pcs) model 58cm and 52cm for painting hopefully next week.

In the meantime we will start assembly and packaging the first frames (model 55cm)

Here are some pictures:

2019-10-02 17.35.41

Toptube 58 & 52 model

2019-10-02 17.29.21

Downtube 58 & 52 model

2019-10-02 17.29.08

Headtube 58 & 52 model

2019-10-02 17.32.28

There is a few 3-speed bike left on Indiegogo, you can claim one here:

Please note: We do not offer any more frames or single speed bikes in Indiegogo.

Thank you for your support and we are sorry for the delays.



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