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Frames ready!!

Hey everyone, This week we finally finished the production of the last model (52cm). We will send the last (200pcs) model 58cm and 52cm for painting hopefully next week. In the meantime we will start assembly and packaging the first frames (model 55cm) Here are some pictures: Toptube 58 & 52 model Downtube 58 & […]

Fubifixie Award winner 2019

Hey everyone, Last week we attended the Eurobike exhibition in Friedrichshafen, Germany, . The biggest bicycle trade show as they call them self. Our company was happy to get an award for the Category: (E-) Urban bikes & (E-) Fitness bikes. You can read more about it on their site: https://www.eurobike.com/en/program-highlights/awards/ Here was the bike at the award exhibition […]

We open up for more orders & The final look

Hey Everyone, The purpose was to close the orders on Indiegogo since we are close to delivery. But after receiving a lot of inqueries, we decided to open up one last time at a reduced prices. Since the product is made in Finland and became to cost more to produce then we planed for. We […]

First bikes & frames ready

Hey Everyone, We have now mounted the first frames (11pcs) and bikes, we got the first 100 frames from the paint shop, the model 55cm. We did this as a test assembly, we will weld all the frames ready before we start assembly all frames.

Overview of the production

Hey everyone, Times pass fast and it has been many delays. We now have come so far that the frame test is done and we can now focus fully on the production.

Fubi fixie folding bike 4210 Frame test

Hey everyone, We have now completed the test of the frame. The frame test was done accordingly to ISO 4210 frame testing standard. The frame test corresponds to 10 years of heavy use. Therefore, everyone using a Fubi fixie frame can now rely on that they are also safe to use.