Final geometry & production update

Hey everyone,

It been a long time since the last update, and we apologize for that. We now have everything setup to make all the orders to produce the bikes and frames.

At the moment we are negotiating with our supplier to make the next order of rear frame and fork. Our estimate is that we can make the order in about 1-2weeks.

In the meantime we will make the welding jigs and other necessary things for the production.

Here are the final geometry’s of the frame  52cm 55cm and 57.5cm the effective length is a bit longer on all. Please share your feedback!

52cm frame



Headtube: 13.5cm
Toptube: 52cm
Seattube: 53cm
Chainstay: 40.8cm
Seattube angle:75 degree
Stearing angle: 73 degree
OLD: 120mm

55cm bike frame dxf


Headtube: 15cm
Toptube: 55cm
Seattube: 55cm
Chainstay: 40.8cm
Seattube angle:75 degree
Stearing angle: 73 degree
OLD: 120mm

57cm bike frame dxf


Headtube: 15cm
Toptube: 57.5cm
Seattube: 58cm
Chainstay: 42cm
Seattube angle:73.5 degree
Stearing angle: 73 degree
OLD: 120mm



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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    Just found this project and this seems amazing! Recently had the misfortune of having a bike stolen from a communal bike shed and I’m keeping my other bike, a singlespeed, indoors now so I was wondering if the frames would also be made available? I’ve noticed it’s not an option on the Indiegogo campaign anymore?

    • Juhani
      Juhani says:

      Thank you! Yes, we will have a few more at reduced price. After that prices will go up to retail price.

  2. Petri Kankkunen
    Petri Kankkunen says:

    Great to see the progress on the bikes!
    How do we backers inform you guys which frame size we desire? Since I believe it was not possible to do that when we chose the bike package.
    Kind regards

  3. henrik molina
    henrik molina says:

    Looks very nice and very interesting!
    Some questions:
    1) What will be the shipping cost to US?
    2) Are there wight limitations to the bike – I am 110kg…but tall 😉
    3) I have some difficulty finding the final break and chain config. of the fixi. Can you share a link?

    …And is the order site still valid?

    Very nice work!

    • Juhani
      Juhani says:

      1) You can see by filling out your address when ordering on Indiegogo.

      2) ~110kg

      3) 46 front and 16 or 18 rear is good.


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