Fubi fixie made in Finland


It’s been a long time since we have written any update here on our blog. 2017 was a difficult year with a lot of setbacks. Our original plan in 2016 was to make the folding mechanism and bike here in Finland.

We changed the plan in 2016, since we did not get so good quality of the parts we ordered in that year. And the price was not on a level we wanted.

We thought manufacturing this frame in Asia would be possible. Unfortunately we encountered to many set backs, so we had to rethink things once again.

We have learned many valueble lessons but it has been stressing since we still have not deliver the products that our backers have ordered. We feel bad that our backers have had to wait much longer time than ever imagine on thier bike/frame.

Right now we are working as fast as we possible can to get this product into market. But we are a small team so things take their time.

At this point we have made a test order of 100pcs for the rear part of the frame+ fork and  4 days ago the sample parts for the front part of the frame arrived.

So during this weekend we welded to frame together to see that all the parts was right.

There were a few parts that need to be changed a bit. But it is not any big correction needed.

We have also made a quick relese instead of a handle with screw for the folding mekansim, so now the folding mekanism works better and faster.

Bellow in the picture is a 57.5cm frame which will be our biggest. We had to make some compromises since it is a folding bike. And it is only 1.5cm smaller than our biggest planned frame of 59cm.

Here are some picures. It will now go for powder paint and after that we will do some more testing.



Thank you for the support from everyone!

/fubi team

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  1. Aaron Mcilvain
    Aaron Mcilvain says:

    Glad to hear the effort continue and I’m down for the long haul so here’s one guy who’s just happy to hear your back on track and I hope it will still prove worth all that’s invested. Can’t wait for my frame!

  2. Bertrand Tehard
    Bertrand Tehard says:

    Things finally come to life.
    Just a question, are going to ask again for the frame size we want? As you were obliged to modify to upper size. I backed you for the smallest frame because it is for a 1.60 m tall woman and I don’t remember what was the smallest frame you proposed, but clearly if you have 54 cm or 52 cm it would be great.
    Thanks for coming back to me.
    Best regards


    • Juhani
      Juhani says:

      Thanks Bertrand we will have 3 sizes for our backers 52cm 55cm and 57.5cm later only 52cm and 57.5cm
      The 52cm will fit you good.


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