FUBi fixie ready for production!

We are very excited to show the newest version of FUBi fixie!
And we hope you are too!!

Here are some nice pics from the Finnish nature and the new bike.




The production steps

Next step is to order sample parts, test them out and when everything is ready we will make the full order. While waiting for the orders we will make the final adjustments, testing and welding jigs.

Changes and ongoing work

We have been working really hard with the development of FUBi fixie. We can now safely say we are about finished with that phase. We only have a few small things to change for the better.

We have also been in contact with some bike manufacturers to help us out with ordering the parts. We decided that the most of the frame modifications will be made in our own workshop to guarantee the best quality. We have made changes to make the bike better, but also changes so that it will be easier to produce but most importantly we have made the folding easier.

Here are some the  changes we made:

-New fasteners for the pivots

-Steadier and better functioning frame lock system

-Better diagonal stay mounts.

– Longer chainstay  (will not affect the folding size)

-We changed to conventional headset in to allow for a folding handlebar (upcoming update on the folding handlebar)

-Easier and better working folding system, so that the bike stays better together when folded.

-Quick release for the saddle.


We painted the bike a blue-black color just to see how it would look, but the final products will be a dark black for those who didn’t choose the white one.

Ps. The front fork will be same as in the original white FUBifixie, not the curved one as in the picture.

Let us hear what you think!


/FUBi team

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