New frames


Here is the new frames that got painted last week. We have tried different geometries just to see how it will work.

We also painted one frame red just to see how it will look like, the other black is a special matte black.

Here is how they look:

fubifixie-frame-black fubifixie-frame-red fubifixie-black


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  1. Ian
    Ian says:

    I think the way the black one looks above with the hint of red and gold, silver cranks strikes a nice balance and gives a classic look.

    • Juhani
      Juhani says:

      Yes thanks we will do some further testing. With silver, black and red chain.
      Also change to more just red black and sliver on the red one.

  2. Greg Richards
    Greg Richards says:

    Hi Fubie,
    Looks good, is there an updated idea of delivery dates? Also I’d prefer to have the option to add disk brakes, especially to the front wheel.

  3. Jonathan Shimwell
    Jonathan Shimwell says:

    Just heard about the disc breaks, would love to have disc breaks on the bike

    are you doing something like this (see linnks) to allow the rear wheel to slide back and forth without moving outside of the disc pads?{58c154d6c9bca92c1b6f67e66e5240d27f4c61ca78a5dd55690a3e915ab9a8ef}20Cycles{58c154d6c9bca92c1b6f67e66e5240d27f4c61ca78a5dd55690a3e915ab9a8ef}20release{58c154d6c9bca92c1b6f67e66e5240d27f4c61ca78a5dd55690a3e915ab9a8ef}20Macho{58c154d6c9bca92c1b6f67e66e5240d27f4c61ca78a5dd55690a3e915ab9a8ef}20King{58c154d6c9bca92c1b6f67e66e5240d27f4c61ca78a5dd55690a3e915ab9a8ef}20Disc{58c154d6c9bca92c1b6f67e66e5240d27f4c61ca78a5dd55690a3e915ab9a8ef}20and{58c154d6c9bca92c1b6f67e66e5240d27f4c61ca78a5dd55690a3e915ab9a8ef}20Nature{58c154d6c9bca92c1b6f67e66e5240d27f4c61ca78a5dd55690a3e915ab9a8ef}20Boy{58c154d6c9bca92c1b6f67e66e5240d27f4c61ca78a5dd55690a3e915ab9a8ef}20Disc{58c154d6c9bca92c1b6f67e66e5240d27f4c61ca78a5dd55690a3e915ab9a8ef}20cyclo-cross{58c154d6c9bca92c1b6f67e66e5240d27f4c61ca78a5dd55690a3e915ab9a8ef}20bikes/All-City-Macho-King-Limited-Nature-Boy-Disc-13.jpg

  4. Lex van Dommelen
    Lex van Dommelen says:

    I like the Black one very much. It’s ashame that I didn’t came accross this project before, I would certainly have helped it. Can’t wait for it to be commercialy available.

    Great job!

  5. Pedro
    Pedro says:

    Hi there,
    Love the updates on the fubi. They all look great, but my favorite is matte black.
    Do you have an idea about delivery dates at this point?
    I’m itching to get my hands on my fubi.
    Pedro (Portugal)


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