The 2021 model

Hey everyone,

The last bikes and frames have now been sold for this year. We are thankful for all the great feedback and support we have gotten from you.

From your feedback and own ideas we have made the following updates and improvements:

Introducing the 2021 model

Here are the changes on the (frame):

– Disc brake on both rear and front wheel. Please also not the frame will still work with caliper brakes.
– Cr-mo frame and fork + improved hinges. ( ~0.5kg in weight savings).
– Better joints in the diagonal stay (There was some play in there).
– Rubber sealed magnet.
– Eccentric quick release handle.
– Improved docking mechanism, now spring loaded.
– Cables inside top tube.
– Front & rear mudguard (not yet in picture)
– (Foldable handlebar coming later)

Questions we would like to get feedback on:

1. Would you like to have non-threaded fork instead?

2. Would you prefer the bike with a bit smaller wheels? Now we use 622mm rims. Would you rather prefer
the 571mm rim (triathlon rim) or a 559mm rim (26”). The good thing with a smaller rim is that the folding package get smaller, but then it’s not full size bike any longer.

Feel free to send us feedback on the above questions or any other improvement. You can send us an email or comment below.

We also plan to add better bicycle parts, mainly the: Crankset, Bottom bracket, Seat post clamp, headset and brake calipers. All the specific parts have not been chosen yet, so we will not announce it yet. Our intentions is also to add belt drive as standard equipment, since so many have wanted it.


Sturmey-archer: RX-RK5 hub

Let us hear what you think in the comments below!


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  1. Monish Dayal
    Monish Dayal says:

    Looks great. Would be great to have 135mm old spacing for rear hubs, rear eyelets for mounting a rear rack and of course splittable frame for belt drive. Looking forward to purchasing a frame to get sent to Australia this year. Will make a fantastic commuter!

    • CT Davis
      CT Davis says:

      I too really want to get a frame and make it a belt drive multi-speed internal hub commuter. My current folding bike has a belt drive which I like but single speed and doesn’t go as fast as I’d like.

    • Nigel Hare
      Nigel Hare says:

      Smaller wheels…YES
      ETRTO 47-584 TYRE SIZE (same as Cannondale Bad Boy) would be good – not sure what this equates to as a rim size?

      SA 3 speed – great
      Belt drive – great but loses the choice to change gearing
      Discs – great
      Frame material?
      When available for UK (belt not essential)?
      2021 weight?

      • Juhani
        Juhani says:

        47-584 is for a 584mm rim. It’s not as common, so for that reason probably not the best choice.
        Frame material: Cr-mo steel.

        • Nigel Hare
          Nigel Hare says:

          Thanks for that.

          I live in London and I ready to purchase now (before UK tariffs with Euro zone at the end of this month December) as follows…

          2021 Spec 622mm Rims Disc Brakes “Off White” 3 Speed
          58cm open stay frame for riders from 177cm (5’95″) (Please supply mm “crotch” height to the TOP of TOP TUBE to confirm size)

          Price & Post Cost to UK?

  2. Augustin
    Augustin says:

    Hey, would definitely liked a non-threaded fork has it’s way more common those day.

    Also, would you sell some parts separately for upgrading my Fubi ?
    Definitely interested in getting this Eccentric quick release handle, the Improved docking mechanism and maybe event the Better joints for the diagonal stay and the Rubber seal for the magnet.

    Last but not least, could you answer my email regarding the front disk brake clearance and the shitty quill stem / fork I got ? I’ve been sending it 3 times …

    • Juhani
      Juhani says:

      Thank you for your feedback!
      The new modifications doesn’t fit directly to the old model. We will see what we can do for the eccentric handle.

      Sent you an email.

  3. shru
    shru says:

    26 in (559mm) wheels please! For me, this is mainly a compact folding bike. I assume, must of us already have a full size bike.
    Is there a way to add the new quick release to older frame? Mine is already broken.

  4. Dr. Paul Neebe
    Dr. Paul Neebe says:

    Smaller wheels is a great idea.
    I still can’t find Fenders that will fit my FUBI. They were not included in shipment. A wider rear axle to accommodate Alfine 11 would be great. Better communication is a must for good customer service.
    I still need fenders. Please help!

  5. Brecht Schatteman
    Brecht Schatteman says:

    I second the 135mm rear spacing, because I really like Rohloff gears. If possible, mounting holes for a rack would be great, but I could always instal aftermarket racks made for bikes that don’t have the mounting hardware, so that is not so important for me. The 135mm rear spacing is important for me though

    • Juhani
      Juhani says:

      Thanks for the feedback! Yes a rack would be possible, but require further development. Possibly needs to have plastic rollers to protect it.

  6. Clément
    Clément says:

    This is great news! Well done for these improvements! I’m not a fan of smaller wheels, so many have chosen the fubi because it’s a folding bike that looks like a normal bike, with big wheels 😇. On the other hand, I know that there are folding wheels that could be nice (see the Tuck Bike). There is one improvement that would be nice to switch to a carbon frame for the weight 😃

    • Juhani
      Juhani says:

      Thank you for your feedback. We got to see if the bike can be used with both 622rim and 559rim. With disc brake it could be possible, but we have to test and see first.
      One possibly is to have very tight clearance for the 622 wheels and with the 559 there would then be enough room to fit large tires with fenders at the same time.

      • Clément
        Clément says:

        OK, thanks ! if you can make a bike that is lighter and with folding wheels (I dai, I dream a little), you will have a perfect bike!

  7. Guy Romm
    Guy Romm says:

    the magnet did break to pieces after just days, so that’s a welcome change. as well as the cabling.
    a rear gear rack is sorely missed, had to install a floating one, which keep swiveling and doesn’t take as much weight.
    also, am disappointed of the sturmey archer hub. the friction and loss of power are felt. but that, i guess has nothing to do with the fubi. how much difficult would it be to put a proper casette with a shifter on the rear, i wonder?
    keep up the good work!

    • Juhani
      Juhani says:

      Yes, the magnet used previously was a mistake. We tested it for 3000folding cycles but it lasted so it seemed to last. New rubber magnet will definitely not break. Also has a m4 thread to change easily if needed.

      The SA 3 speed hub has some low efficiency about 85% on the other gears. On the other hand on the second gear it has direct drive so a efficiency of ~97% what I read. You should set so the 2nd gear is your cruise gear. Then it shouldn’t be a problem. Personally I like the 3 speed hub from SA and I think it is enough gears. But I can understand that many people want more gears.

  8. andrew macey
    andrew macey says:

    Not to put too fine a point on it (sodding brexit), can anyone put a delivered price to me in the UK once you’ve got more product to sell?

  9. Alberto
    Alberto says:

    I much appreciate all the proposed improvements except wheel size reduction. Please, keep a full size option.
    Might I suggest some neat split folding pedals?
    I look forward to belt drive and some multi (hub) gear options, for reduced maintenance, commute practicality and all-round usability.
    The coming to be of these tweaks would likely trigger my order.
    Zehus hub option was also interesting to me. Whatever happened to it?

  10. dan
    dan says:

    Beautiful! Really looking forward to order (to NYC). I will second:
    – full size wheels
    – mounting holes for a rack
    Do you have a rough idea when these bikes may be available? (Spring/Summer/Fall/etc?)

  11. Enzo
    Enzo says:

    – Non-threaded forks is a great idea.
    – 622mm size rim is perfect. Full size wheels is what makes this bike so interesting (along with the ingenious folding mechanism).
    World is full of folding bike with smaller wheels…

  12. Ari Prahasto
    Ari Prahasto says:

    I’d keep the full size 700c wheel.
    Add disc brake both front and rear.
    Options for other internal gear hub. Make the O.L.D. Wider than 120mm. 135mm would be ok.
    Also better quality bottom bracket as mine already have problem just after 2 months

  13. henrik molina
    henrik molina says:

    I thought that the F in Fubi was for FULL SIZE. For sure keep the 622mm rims! Full size wheels is the advantage that allows you and your FubiFixi to zooooom by all the other folding bikes.

    Re. the fork. Any thing that is better than the current ‘rattle fork’. Pressed sounds like a good idea.

    Did you guys mention the bottom bracket? Also a place that can be easily be optimized.

    Re. disc brakes. Will it be the same brand/model as before? Clarks have some nice cheapo hydraulic ones (M2) that are not too costly ($35 per brake). The 160mm version can juuuust fit on the current fork.

    All the best and I am sure that we are all waiting with excitement! And Merry Christmas and all the best for the holidays and the New Year.


  14. James Dettmer
    James Dettmer says:

    The wheel size is fine for me, I wanted the full size bike so no issues there although I can see that others may want a smaller footprint.
    What advantage would a non threaded fork bring?
    My main issue as you know is the mudguards. I would like a forward one and as you know there were issues fitting the rear. I also had the mike out recently in the rain and the rear mudguard does not work. I had mud all down my backpack. So, I’d like a set of mudguards that work – this was important to me when purchasing the bike.
    I’d also like some extra gears for the few hills we have here.
    The other improvements look very good I must say.


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