The new folding fubifixie

The newest version of FUBi fixie!















Alot has happen since the last update of the bike. Mostly design improvements but also some new features. Like the docking mechanism.

The docking mechanism is super cool new feature that lets the bike stay together folded. It allows you to dock the wheels tougher “just by turning the handle bar” It has a spring locked mechanism that secure it to stay locked. When ever you want to unlock the docking you just turn the handle bar or roll the bike and push the front brake, when pushing the front brake it will automatically release the docking and unfolding goes almost out of it self. (Just like shown in the video)


Testing new parts

As you can see we have some new parts that we are testing. Most of the parts are set.
Parts we are still evaluation is:

All the rest of the parts have been choosen.

The new prototypes

We are still in the making of the newest production prototypes that we got from the sample parts. We have changed the front fork to a more slimmer one. more pictures will come of the new frames in 1-2 weeks. Please note that this bike show in the pictures was a redesign from the old frame used in the campaign while waiting for the new sample parts.

The new production prototypes that will come out in 1-2 weeks will have threaded front fork as mentioned before. Please comment what you think of the new bike!

/Fubi team

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  1. Panier Raphael
    Panier Raphael says:

    Hello, do you have an estimate of the date of purchase for people who have not participated in the campaign Kickstarter or Indiegogo?

    good to you, Raphael Panier.

    • Juhani
      Juhani says:

      We can’t answer that yet if you send an email after christmans we I can answer you more on a exact date

  2. vpiegaja
    vpiegaja says:

    It Seems all so cool ! Bravi .!
    One question arises in mind: living myself in very hilly country: would it be possible to fit the frame with some shimano gears and maybe a couple of crankset .?
    At first glance i would say yes but i look for a much appreciated Your answer.
    Cheers vpiegaja


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